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With its night vision goggles, Night Ranger offers a high-quality optical device that allows you to see by day and in low light conditions or in complete darkness, anytime, anywhere.
With this precision electronic device, you can use to observe the target at night and twilight.

It is advanced optics and infrared technology enhance your vision in low light or dark conditions. Under bright and dim light it shows color images while black and white images in darkness.

You can manually adjust its brightness by switching, to the best condition, according to the environment.
It can be extremely useful for a wide range of activities, including night hunting, surveillance, bird watching, sightseeing wildlife, camping, navigation, and much more.
It features a simple interface that allows you to adjust zoom and focus quickly and optimally. It also comes with a comfortable grip that ensures stability and control during long observing sessions.
Before you focus on your goal and use the device naturally, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1- Take out the night vision device for the soft bag and insert batteries.
2- Gently turn on the switch.
3- Observe the eyepiece in LCD, and turn the eyepiece hand wheel, until the observation of the LCD frame is visualization clear.
4- Direct the night vision at the observed object to focus, and rotate the objective lens and eyepiece until the image is sharp and clear.
5- To turn the unit off, rotate the switch off and replace the protective objective lens cap cover.
On the side of the device, you will find a bracket hole so that you can attach your bracket to your helmet. Look for helmet accessory mounting kits or rail adapters that match the size and type of rails on your helmet.
It features a durable and lightweight design making it ideal for use in a wide range of outdoor conditions. Plus, it comes with a protective bag to keep it safe when not in use.

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