10 “600W Audio Amplifier for car, audio with active Subwoofer, Subwoofer for vehicle.

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Our Rel Subwoofer is the perfect accessory to listen to your favorite music with the best quality, it amplifies the power of a single channel, enhances the bass, filters the bass, and controls the high-frequency power. Its body is made of pure aluminum alloy to minimize vibration caused by noise. It has a diversity of radiating holes on both sides to ensure heat dissipation and the burning of the soundbox.

Benefits of our Rel Subwoofer:

• Has a suitable size and aesthetics.
• Produces sounds a thousand times more realistic.
• Hyper-simple connectivity.
• Perfect for your car audio system to listen to music.

Product specifications:

• Power: 200W.
• Maximum power: 600W.
• Frequency response: 50HZ- 150Hz.
• Impedance: 4Ω.
• Voltage: 12V.
• Signal / noise ratio:> 91 dB.
• Material: aluminum alloy.
• T.H.D: <0.2%.
• Bass boost: 0dB-12dB.
• Fuse: 25th.
• Speaker net weight: approximately 4913g.

Package includes:

1 x Car Subwoofer.
1 x Remote Control.
1 x User Manual.
1 x Wire Cable Kits.