12V Waterproof Motorcycle Speaker for Handlebar

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This pair of motorcycle speakers is what you need to de-stress on your trips or on the way to work, they work to play MP3 music via Bluetooth, they have an alarm function, clock, and FM radio to listen wherever you are. It is suitable for any motorcycle, it is waterproof, and it is very easy to install and use.

Benefits of our motorcycle speakers:

• High quality that represents a long service life.
• Works as an alarm clock, mp3 player, and FM radio.
• Connects via Bluetooth, so leave your hands free.
• Compatible with USB, SD, TF.
• Built-in microphone for hands-free operation.
• Suitable for any motorcycle and electric bicycle.
• Solid and waterproof cover.
• Easy to install and use.

Product specifications:

• Voltage: 12V.
• Speaker color: black housing, silver front cover.
• Host color: black with blue / red buttons.
• Speaker material: Plastic.
• Function: MP3, alarm, clock, FM Radio.
• Dimensions: 12x6x2cm.
• LED color: Purple (the light can be deactivated with minor modifications).
• Frequency: 165Hz.
• Effective frequency range: Fo-12Khz.
• Distortion: <5%.
• Maximum output: 30W.
• Connection: 2 cables (approximately 100cm each).
• Speaker dimensions: standard 3 inches, size 8 x 8 x 10.5 cm.
• Cable length: Approx 85cm.

Package includes:

1x Motorcycle Bluetooth MP3 receiver.
1 x Pair of 2×3 inch Speakers.
1x Speaker Mounting Bracket Kits.
1x host mounting bracket.
1x Manual.