20W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof Loudes Bluetooth Speaker

This is the loudest Bluetooth speaker, with a soft, clear, dynamic and higher quality tone, just the one you were looking for, it is an item that promises to make your life happier. It allows you to listen to music anywhere, it has a built-in microphone that allows you to make hands-free calls, it is compatible with FM radio, you can search for the radio station in the listening area. Unique design with ribbon to take it everywhere so you can relax and enjoy music wherever you go. Its design is waterproof, antivibration, and protects from dust, you can connect by AUX cable directly and it is charged through micro USB.

Benefits of our loudest Bluetooth speaker:

• Allows you to listen to music in your car, bedroom, sink, kitchen, office, shower, among others.
• Water, dust, and anti-vibration proof.
• Integrated charging battery of good capacity.
• Good sound quality and built-in microphone.
• Allows you to take calls hands-free anywhere.
• Connects with any device that has Bluetooth.

Product specifications:

• Wireless transmission range: 10M.
• Audio noise ratio: ≥ 90db.
• Battery capacity: 1200mAh.
• Built-in voltage: 7.4 V.
• Power: 20W.
• Normal volume playback: 4H ~ 9H.
• Product size: 104 x 104mm x 255mm.
• Charging voltage: 5V / 2A.

Package includes:

1 x Instruction Manual.
1 x USB data cable.
1 x Audio cable.
1 x Strap.
1 x Speaker.