50W+100W Power Subwoofer Amplifier Board Bluetooth 5.0

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A subwoofer amplifier is the most important part of a home theater system that improves the overall quality of low-frequency sound. Our subwoofer amplifier has two missions: to reproduce without distortion frequencies that the rest of the speakers do not reach and to reproduce the sound stored in the audio tracks of low-frequency effect channels (subwoofer sounds below 40Hz). For example, if you are watching an action movie, this subwoofer amplifier will make you better hear the effects such as explosions and shots to create a more realistic environment reproducing sounds such as engines, outdoor scenes, etc.

Basically, if you not only want to see the movie but also live it intensely, this subwoofer amplifier is what your house needs.

Benefits of our subwoofer amplifier:

• Gives you the power necessary to move the subwoofer membrane and produce sound.
• Boost the lower frequencies for a more realistic effect.
• No distortion is perceived even at frequencies below 10Hz.
• It is necessary to live a spectacular home theater experience, watch your favorite series, or even listen to music.

Product specifications:

• AMP Chip: 2 * TPA3116D2.
• Maximum output power: 2 * 50W + 100W.
• Power supply: DC12 ~ 24V.
• Channels: 2.1.
• Output impedance: 4 ~ 8ohm.
• Type of work: Class D.
• Audio input: AUX / Bluetooth 5.0.
• Bluetooth version: 5.0.