Gaming keyboard and Mouse Wired backlight mechanical felling keyboard Gamer kit Silent 3200DPI Gaming Set

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Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Wired backlight mechanical felling keyboard Gamer kit Silent 3200DPI Gaming Set

If you are looking for accessories for your gaming computer, this gaming keyboard and mouse is the one for you. It is a mechanical gaming keyboard with 19 keys without a punch, dust resistant, and waterproof for worry-free gaming. It has an ergonomic design, floating keys, very fast response, illuminates with beautiful colors, and with just one key you can open or close it. The mouse is ergonomic and also illuminates with beautiful colors, it is the complete combo for comfortable gaming.

Benefits of our gaming keyboard and mouse:

• RGB backlighting on the 104 keys.
• Easy to operate.
• Connects via USB cable.
• Mouse Adjustable DPI Switch: 1600-2400-3200DPI
• Compatible with: Windows XP and Windows Vista 7/8
• English version keyboard.
• Different styles for your choice.

Product specifications:

• Color: Black or white.
• Cable length: 150cm.
• Material: ABS.
• Ergonomic design.

Package includes:

Type 1: black keyboard without light, with a mouse.
Type 2: white keyboard without light, with a mouse.
Type 3: black keyboard, orange light, with a mouse.
Type 4: white keyboard, blue light, with a mouse.
Type 5: black keyboard, rainbow light, with a mouse.
Type 6: white keyboard, rainbow light, with a mouse.

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Excellent price for excellent product

I use to buy the $200 keyboards...The $100 mouse...No more. No need to. I have bought 3 different model Redragon keyboards and 2 of their mouse's. You just can't justify the outrageous prices of the major brands once you've used a Redragon. I will never go back. These perform just as well as the high priced brands. Unless you are a pro-gamer being sponsored by the big brands, there is no reason to not be using a Redragon and keeping a few hundred cabbage leaves in your pocket while using these quality performance products.


Just got this in the mail a couple of hours ago and I love it. The click the keyboard makes is so satisfying. The build quality of the keyboard for the price is very impressive. The mouse is great with the DPI selector. Im not going to use the mouse pad as I have a longer one on my desk which I prefer but its is a great mousepad if you need one. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard and a new mouse.

Make sure to flattened the mouse pad really good

Good for the price. I honestly was surprised by the quality.
Haven't had a problem
The keys are a little loud for my liking but they're good and responsive.
I'd recommend it.

The mouse cable can get in the way but once it's elevated it glides smoothly and perfectly.

Oh, my god!

I am a self-published author and this keyboard was the best present I could've given myself. My job has never been so easy as it is with the keyboard and mouse set. I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened the box but as soon as I started using it, I almost cried. No keyboard has ever been so easy to use or been so precise as this one is. Thank you, Redragon!

Great little kit! Would buy again, but maybe with cherry reds.

Had this set for almost a year now. TLDR: Would recommend on a budget.
Keyboard - Keys still feel great and work fine. That being said I knew what I was getting into when I purchased a cherry blue keyboard but man this thing is definitely on the louder end of the spectrum.
Mouse - Nothing too special to write home about but it feels pretty good and has nice action. The software to adjust the levels is pretty nice and the macro functionality covers any needs I have. I wish that there were more DPI breakpoints to set but I mean for what I paid for I find it acceptable.

Gaming keyboard and Mouse Wired backlight mechanical felling keyboard Gamer kit Silent 3200DPI Gaming Set
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