Health Watch | Smart Watch for health, pedometer and fitness tracker

Health Watch | Smart Watch for health, pedometer, and fitness tracker

This is the best smartwatch or smart band for exercising and checking your vital signs. This Health watch is just amazingly simple. You can use it while running, jogging, at the gym for checking your vital signs, your calories lost and how many steps have you made, and in that way you could measure your stamina and how to lose weight or improve your figure perfectly. But not only that, this is the best product for hospitals and private health institutes, if you attach this health watch to your patients, you can always have a track of their vital signs and to check on them from the distance! 

Multifunctional Health band

Nowadays, thanks to COVID-19 and the way of living we have, it is really important to regularly check our vital signs. The best way to heal a disease is to attack it fast, early. And the best way to do it is by regularly checking your vital signs.

If you are an active person, you love sport, running, exercising. Then you probably need a proper health smartwatch. With this smartwatch, you can check your messages, notifications, you can set reminders, monitor your sleep and so much more! Check your distance and time and share it with your friends, with proof of it! Having a smartwatch just changes your life in so many ways it is amazing.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatible with: Android & iOS devices
  • Display Size: 0.96″ TFT
  • Size: 12*10*2cm
  • Weight: 25g+55g
  • USB Version: USB 3.0
  • Battery: 100mAh
  • Wifi Distance:1-10m
  • Water-Resistant: IP67
  • Charging Time:0.5-1 hour
  • Standby Time:1-2 Days
  • Support 17 regional languages (Chinese, English, Fan, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Slovak)

Package Contains:

1x Health Watch | Smart Watch for health, pedometer, and fitness tracker