Key Caps for all keyboards Color PBT and ABS

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Key Caps for all keyboards Color PBT and ABS

These keycaps are made of good quality PBT or ABS material, suitable for any type of mechanical keyboard: 87/104 mechanical storm Milo abdomen spirit or IKBC skua GANSS magic duck fairly RK kay cool KBT cool cold XT / aurora FICO black Joe AK47 / 104 IKBC POKER / F / G series 96 pro cherry NOPPOO name PLUM.

If you are a gamer you will surely want these keycaps that will make your gaming site look different, they are available in different colors to match your style.

There is nothing like these keycaps, these will last for many years and will improve your gaming experience amazingly! You can personalize and customize your keyboard so you have a unique keyboard just for you!

Choose from a great variety of colors so you could personalize that old-fashion plain keyboard and transform it into a rainbow worthy of that sexy Gaming PC you have in front of you!

Benefits of our keycaps:

• They are compatible with most mechanical keyboards.
• They are of the best quality to guarantee their durability.
• They are available in many different colors so that you can choose the one that best suits your style.
• They are resistant to high temperatures and wear.

Product specifications:

• Material: PBT and ABS.
• Colors: Green | Yellow | Red | Pink | Purple | Cyan Blue | Blue | Orange | Gray | Purple | Black | White.
• 104 keys.
• Suitable for mechanical keyboards.9



Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Perfect match for Logitech G610 Orion Brown Mech Keyboard

This kit is a perfect match for my Logitech G610 mechanical keyboard. I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality and I love the slightly textured feel of the keys too. For those wondering, it comes complete with an ISO and an ANSI Return/Enter key.

I hope these guys keep their quality up as I'm getting ready for other keyboard mods!

Excellent Value; Wish I Got Darker Color

The shape and feel of my original keycaps are excellent; but they are opaque and the contrast between the orange font and dark brown keys was insufficient for reading the keycaps at typing distance, especially in the dark. Even though I'm a touch typist, some of the non-letter keys are in slightly different places than I'm used to on my 65% keyboard. Ultimately, I want keycaps that let light through the font area and only the font area.

If the room is completely dark, enough light comes through the font area and the keycaps are dark enough I can read the caps.

dialing down the brightness of the LED and going for a orange color maximizes readability of the yellow caps.

The keys themselves feel like good quality -- especially for the price. The contours and angles feel right.

The bumps on the F and J key to indicate the QWERTY home row hand position are great

Installation was extremely easy. Not only did the keys go on easily, but the packaging held the keys in QWERTY keyboard order making finding the right key trivial. I never thought I would consider the packaging to be a beneficial feature of a product before. As I removed keys from the packaging, I put my old keycaps back in. This will protect the original keycaps and keep them organized.

Overall, I'm happy enough that I bought these keycaps.

Good feel, bad legends

The feel is good, especially for the money. There are thicker, better molded caps than the originals

A cheap upgrade over the stock caps on my AJAZZ board.

They fit my Velocifire Outemus

Fits a cheapo mechanical keyboard I bought for work.

They feel sturdy enough at this price point.

Amazing Product. 5/5 Stars.

Pros ~
- Cheap.
- Easy to install.
- RGB's shine through perfectly.

Cons ~

Key Caps for all keyboards Color PBT and ABS
Original price was: $69.97.Current price is: $34.97.BUY NOW
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