Outlet Wall Mount Holder Cord Bracket For Google Home Mini

This mount for google home mini allows you to give it a more beautiful and orderly appearance, you will no longer have to have your google home mini on the floor or occupying space on a table, it will be near the connector without taking up space and giving your home an elegant appearance. It was designed to hold the unit securely to have it in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or office as long as there is an outlet. It is compatible with the original US, EU, and Japan power adapters. The cable wraps around the spool and is easily hidden in the back of the stand helping you save space and keep everything looking modern.

Benefits of our mount for google home mini:

• It will not take up space on your tables, much less will it have to be on the floor.
• It is compatible with most of the power adapters.
• Allows you to have it anywhere as long as there is a plug.
• You will keep your google home mini free from spills or accidents related to the cable.
• Easy to install.
• Does not block the second plug, suitable for vertical and horizontal sockets.
• It is ideal to take on a trip.

Product specifications:

• Material: Plastic.
• Compatible with original US and EU and Japan power adapter
• Color: White, black, or coral.

Package includes:

1 x mount for google home mini.