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This advanced night vision goggle is a practical and effective monocular for high-quality night and daytime observations and sightings.

Explore and observe the objective like you never did before

Want to make crisp, clear observations day or night and get easy access to detailed information about what’s going on in your environment?

Thanks to its HD optical system and high-quality lenses, you can enjoy clear, precise sightings and observations without distortion or blur.

In addition to its exceptional visual capabilities, its night vision technology and infrared illuminator make it the perfect choice for low-light or nighttime observation.

Be ready for new adventures and experience the difference for yourself.

The adventure ally you need on the road

The True Night Vision Goggles Infrared HD Monocular Telescope combines advanced night vision technology with high-definition imaging. It enhances visibility in low-light conditions and provides clear, detailed images.

True Night Vision Goggles

Get a sharp and accurate view to capture the target


HD resolution

The CMOS sensor offers a clear view with a high-resolution image during the day and black and white images at night.
Easy to focus

Easy to focus

User-friendly diopter focus ring located in a convenient position and is easy to grip and turn. It is a smooth focus adjustment to watch with clear visual feedback.


Sensor 1/47 CMOS
Horizontal resolution 420lines


night sightseeing


Night Patrol


Outdoor Sport


Zoom in and watch as if you were up close

This monocular telescope features a powerful magnification capability that allows you to zoom in on distant targets and observe them in stunning detail even when you’re on the move.
Optical performance

Wide field of view

2X magnification and excellent performance for observing moving targets. Objective lens zoom button which allows you to zoom in and out as needed.

Optical performance

Magnification 2X Objective 28mm Exit pupil diameter 14mm Field of view 6.4 Eyes pot distance 15mm Visibility regulating range +5° Minimum observation distance 0.8 Night viewing distance>200mm

Keep everything under your control: Wide coverage at 200 meters

See clearly at 200 meters and capture a wide range of details on the darkest of nights. Night vision goggles ensure that nothing escapes your view, providing an extraordinary visual experience that truly transcends the limitations of darkness and distance.

Get an eagle's eye view when no one else can see

Its ability to amplify available light, including infrared light, and present a clear image makes it extremely useful for activities such as wildlife observation, surveillance, search and rescue operations, and even stargazing.
Infrared technology

Infrared technology

The 850nm IR Illuminator allows a viewing distance of up to 200 meters in the dark. It has a power switch and IR brightness control.


Lighting device IR LED
Center wavelength 850mm
Infrared illumination
Brightness regulation

Achieve the best sightings by day and by night

No matter if it is day, night, or twilight, you will be able to observe your target with amazing clarity and precision.

Day observation

Color mode
Night observation

Night observation

Black and white mode
Displayer (1)

Day observation

Displayer Display device LED
Resolution 330×224 pixel

A step-by-step guide for starting optimal sighting

Easily prepare and configure your device for optimal use and best results.

1-Start the view

Gently turns on the device and turn the eyepiece wheel, until the view is clear in the LCD frame.

2-Focus target

No matter where you stay, use the device to focus the night vision on the target you want to observe.

3-Full view

Enjoy a powerful visualization capability that allows watch in on distant targets with amazing detail.

Forget about problems to focus on your target

It is designed to simplify your life and keep you focused on your goals. Whether you’re facing unexpected challenges or dealing with last-minute issues, you will overcome obstacles effortlessly and stay on track.
With clear instructions, you can quickly and simply resolve common last-minute problems. No need to spend hours searching for answers or brainstorming solutions we’ve done the work for you.

Have long sessions of quiet observation

It enhances visibility in low-light conditions and allows for discreet surveillance. With extended battery life and ergonomic design, it ensures comfort during prolonged use.


Working voltage DV 3V
Built-in power 2 AAA battery
Battery endurance 5h
Note: It is essential to use good quality AAA battery, an inferior battery will affect the use effect, and easy to damage the equipment

Easy-to-use comfortable handling

Buttons and settings are conveniently located and easy to access. It fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to observe for long periods without discomfort or fatigue. The compact and portable nature of the device makes it easy to use in different environments and situations.

Forget about problems to focus on your target

This night vision goggle gives you the performance you need to get the job done and meet your sighting objectives, whatever you’re doing:

Outdoor enthusiasts love us

“I constantly seeking new adventures and having reliable gear is essential. This monocular telescope has become an indispensable tool in my traverser’s pursuits. I can’t stop raving about their lightweight, clear, and detailed view, allowing me to make informed decisions on the go and take control”.

Adventurer, John Reynolds

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american hunter
adventure sports

Our customers say

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Very high quality night vision at an excellent price I am very happy with my purchase.

Adam M.

stars review

Exactly what I was looking for

image rev
This gadget is very cool… husband loves it and keeps finding new options on it… we live on acreage and have lots of wildlife in our back yard and trying to use our phone and take pictures is hard… this works great and can take pictures and videos day and night

Amy S.

stars review

A must-have for any occasion

imgae revi 3
We love being able to see birds and all the beauty of nature. It’s not bulky like regular binoculars and I really liked how easy it is to use. Highly recommended.

Sophia J.


This is why they prefer us


Night Ranger

Other brands

Affordable price
High price
1/47 CMOS
low CMOS or CCD
High resolution
330×224 px
Lower resolution px
Infrared technology
850nm IR Illuminator
Lower IR Illuminator
310g weight
Higher weight

¿Why get Night Ranger True Night Vision Binoculars?

Improved visibility in darkness: Night Ranger uses advanced night vision technology to see clearly in low-light or nighttime environments. It amplifies available light, including moonlight or ambient light, to provide a bright, detailed view.
Versatility and portability: Compact, lightweight, and hand-held non-slip design makes it easy to carry and use in a variety of settings. Whether you’re camping, surveying, or enjoying nighttime activities, it’s a handy tool.
Long-range, Wide coverage: Achieve a wide view when observing objects, animals, or subjects from afar. This can be especially useful for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, or security personnel who need to keep an eye on distant targets.

Frequently Asked Questions

With its night vision goggles, Night Ranger offers a high-quality optical device that allows you to see by day and in low light conditions or in complete darkness, anytime, anywhere.
With this precision electronic device, you can use to observe the target at night and twilight.

It is advanced optics and infrared technology enhance your vision in low light or dark conditions. Under bright and dim light it shows color images while black and white images in darkness.

You can manually adjust its brightness by switching, to the best condition, according to the environment.
It can be extremely useful for a wide range of activities, including night hunting, surveillance, bird watching, sightseeing wildlife, camping, navigation, and much more.
It features a simple interface that allows you to adjust zoom and focus quickly and optimally. It also comes with a comfortable grip that ensures stability and control during long observing sessions.
Before you focus on your goal and use the device naturally, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1- Take out the night vision device for the soft bag and insert batteries.
2- Gently turn on the switch.
3- Observe the eyepiece in LCD, and turn the eyepiece hand wheel, until the observation of the LCD frame is visualization clear.
4- Direct the night vision at the observed object to focus, and rotate the objective lens and eyepiece until the image is sharp and clear.
5- To turn the unit off, rotate the switch off and replace the protective objective lens cap cover.
On the side of the device, you will find a bracket hole so that you can attach your bracket to your helmet. Look for helmet accessory mounting kits or rail adapters that match the size and type of rails on your helmet.
It features a durable and lightweight design making it ideal for use in a wide range of outdoor conditions. Plus, it comes with a protective bag to keep it safe when not in use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews
Noah S.
Clear Views for Botanical Sketching

Botanical sketching is a delight with this device. The clear views of plant details make it an excellent tool for artists capturing the intricacies of the botanical world.

Ava J.
Durable Companion for Fishing Trips

I bring this device on fishing trips, and it has become a durable companion. The water-resistant design and clear optics enhance the overall fishing experience, even during early dawn.

Henry W.
Exceptional for Camping Photography

Camping photography is a breeze with this device. The clear optics and night vision features make it an exceptional tool for capturing stunning photos of the night sky and landscapes.

Grace M.
Clear Optics for Butterfly Watching

Butterfly watching enthusiasts will appreciate the clear optics of this device. It allows for detailed observations of butterfly species, adding joy to every nature-watching session.

Liam R.
Perfect for Nature Journaling

Nature journaling has become more enjoyable with this device. The clarity of details and ease of use make it a valuable tool for documenting the beauty of the natural world.

True Night Vision Goggles Infrared HD Monocular TelescopeTrue Night Vision Goggles Infrared HD Monocular TelescopeTrue Night Vision Goggles Infrared HD Monocular Telescope
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